Dr. John Sprandio, md

Dr. John D. Sprandio, MD, is the Chief of Medical Oncology and Hematology at Oncology Management Services (PA). Dr. Sprandio, with his team at Oncology Management Services, pioneered the Oncology Patient Centered Medical Home (OPCMH) model of care. By focusing on standardizing and streamlining processes within the oncology practice and utilizing technology to assimilate data into consumable information, the model creates a new value proposition by driving down utilization rates while providing superior patient-centric care. His commitment to high-quality cancer treatment, coordination of care, and excellent communication is the heart and soul of his practice and the OPCMH model. Dr. Sprandio writes and speaks frequently on OPCMH and healthcare issues to national audiences, directs the CMOH practice and the Delaware County Memorial Hospital Regional Cancer Center, and continues to see patients.