Our strengths

Building toward innovation

CAPS’ goal is to develop and manage medical cannabis production in four
proven stages. These four stages are: cultivation, processing, laboratory
research and dispensaries.

Cultivation Operations
• We will combine techniques from horticultural and
   agricultural processes for optimal growth and strict quality
• Leverage technology and efficient manufacturing  
   processes to maximize production efficiency on a     
   commercial scale
• Focus on customizable crop populations of specific strains
   of cannabis.

• Facility and lab customized for extracting needs of
• Science-based team led by chemistry professionals capable
   of unique cannabinoid isolation for the treatment of
   specific medical conditions.

• Three dispensaries strategically located in Pennsylvania.
• CAPS will conduct a physician-led approach to provide the
   highest standards in patient care.
• CAPS’ dispensary associates will focus on patient education
   for cannabis use.