Compassionate alternative

Patient Solutions

A Pennsylvania-Based Cannabis Company

Compassionate Alternative Patient Solutions, LLC (CAPS), is a Pennsylvania-based company that believes in a pharmaceutical approach to the cannabis industry. We feel this approach serves the patient community best. We embrace world-class university research to discover medical breakthroughs.

CAPS believes that continued research and innovation is key to the creation of pharmaceutical solutions for patient disease management and cure. CAPS is focused on finding innovation and efficiency in all aspects of cannabis processing.



our promise

Patient focused and Compassionate


It is our promise to provide the highest quality medical products to our patients. This promise starts with growing our cannabis plants in carefully controlled micro-climate cultivation centers. This high-quality production emphasis yields viable plants for processing. Our processing facility will be uniquely equipped with the latest systems for optimal production thanks to the expertise of operational and technology specialists. This operational streamlining will be bolstered by proven successes from the agriculture and horticultural industries. Our patients are our number-one priority.



about us

A Team of industry leaders

The CAPS team is comprised of industry leaders in their respective fields. The team’s operational, engineering and technology professionals are key to vetting the strategies for cultivation and lab processing. The group’s financial and investment expertise positions us for fiscal growth and long-term business success. CAPS’ legal professionals will be invaluable in navigating the legislative and regulatory landscape of Pennsylvania. CAPS team members with medical experience specialize in areas of oncology, neonatal, pediatric medicine and ethics. Their professional focus is on ensuring safe, patient-centric care processes, clinical data collection and appropriate support with university clinical trials.
CAPS’ expertise is further enhanced by medical cannabis experts with experience in the highly regulated markets of Nevada and Colorado. Their success as owners of cultivation sites, processing facilities, and dispensaries is invaluable to CAPS’ success in the medical cannabis industry in Pennsylvania.


Shane Terry

Shane Terry

Ryan Ward

Ryan Ward

Dr. John Sprandio, MD  Medical Advisor

Dr. John Sprandio, MD

Medical Advisor

Richard Sprague

Richard Sprague

Dennis Murray

Dennis Murray


Our strengths

Building toward innovation

CAPS’ goal is to develop and manage medical cannabis production in four
proven stages. These four stages are: cultivation, processing, laboratory
research and dispensaries.

Cultivation Operations
• We will combine techniques from horticultural and
   agricultural processes for optimal growth and strict quality
• Leverage technology and efficient manufacturing  
   processes to maximize production efficiency on a     
   commercial scale
• Focus on customizable crop populations of specific strains
   of cannabis.

• Facility and lab customized for extracting needs of
• Science-based team led by chemistry professionals capable
   of unique cannabinoid isolation for the treatment of
   specific medical conditions.

• Three dispensaries strategically located in Pennsylvania.
• CAPS will conduct a physician-led approach to provide the
   highest standards in patient care.
• CAPS’ dispensary associates will focus on patient education
   for cannabis use.



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